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If you’re a seasoned music-lover, you are likely to have been tired of always listening to the same tracks. Sometimes reviews that appear in specialized media aren’t enough or just aren’t anything that you like. Beathound is the solution because it tells you what you should be listening to based on what you like, and bnew good tracks are always welcome.

IF you want to find out what you've been missing while listening to the same tracks once and again, you only have to access iTunes, export your library as xml file and upload that xml file to Beathound.

Then, Beathound will analyze your library and will decide what new albums you should listen to. It knows what you listen to and what you like, so it will tell you what to listen to and for sure it will be right.

Is it magic? Of course it isn't, but it seems it is. It is based on what you and other users like. It detects what you haven't listened to and offers you a good list of new tracks and albums you should listen to.

Don't hesitate, you are only one click ad two minutes away from listenig to new and exciting tracks you have never enjoyed.
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